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14 Jan 2016 16:09:48
Nuhiu signed 2nhalf year extension.

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14 Jan 2016 00:12:41
Davies deal back on according to reports in Bolton. Nominal fee mentioned, much less than reported £700k as the club want the high earner off their books.

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14 Jan 2016 16:52:19
Just heard he's back training at Bolton in their side to face nots f.on Saturday?anyone know what's going on?

14 Jan 2016 17:40:04
Just read in paper and on ssn it's a done deal and it could be a free too lol.

14 Jan 2016 18:36:25
Having medical should find out by tomorrow.

15 Jan 2016 07:29:49
We've cancelled it apparently he's had no medical but his agent is sayin we've said medical reasons. The initial stumbling block was him wanting severance from Bolton which was resolved but the owls have had a change of heart according to green Un.

21 Jan 2016 21:21:33
According to paper sun it's a done deal.

13 Jan 2016 15:39:41
Jack Hunt deal done signed on a 3 and a half year deal now just need to tie Hooper down.

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13 Jan 2016 18:54:06
A good attacking full back but I have my reservations about JH. He needs to practise his defensive duties, against Bolton he was a weak link. Call me old school but I like full backs that can actually defend!

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12 Jan 2016 16:18:52
I see Lachman has been loaned out.

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12 Jan 2016 18:06:42
That's right on the 7th January looks like you missed the coach, or is it the Bus.

12 Jan 2016 19:45:19
Very good.

12 Jan 2016 04:35:12
Said it before, but Bus has been out of action because he is becoming a Coach.

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12 Jan 2016 13:25:09
What a 40 seater.

12 Jan 2016 15:37:04

11 Jan 2016 18:26:11
Apparently Davies hit snag over personal terms. 1 of Bolton's highest earners. Hopefully get sorted asap, would be a good signing. Source the72.

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11 Jan 2016 19:50:22
Intriguing situation. Will he play against us tomorrow if terms not are not agreed?

Bolton fans seem to suggest he is a good player but a luxury player who disappears when the going gets tough. I would not be too disappointed if we fail to get him on the basis of his personal terms. Wednesday do not strike me as being miserly these days and if he asking for too much then let him go back to a club that may be in administration by the end of the week.

11 Jan 2016 21:53:49
I'd say if he plays against us, then deals dead, also Middlesbrough did have 500k offer rejected before ours, so may be that's what he really wants.

12 Jan 2016 00:08:42
I agree, Middlesbrough could be a factor. Seems strange that this is dragging on.

He may also be able to walk if the club goes into administration and wages are not met. If no transfer fee is needed, say in the summer, might get better personal terms then. He's one of Bolton's highest earners and they clearly want him off their books for financial reasons.

Maybe the deal has dragged on so that he doesn't play against Bolton tomorrow night, who knows?

12 Jan 2016 10:12:56
Well looks and sounds like he not playing against us ssn suggesting they resting him and clough again tonight after ongoing communications between us for Davies and Bristol city with Clough so I recon your right beauchief they don't want him playing against them straight away.

12 Jan 2016 10:53:22
Also consider the fact we've had 2 games in space of 4 days all preparation would be for matches any signings will be made as of tomorrow with us having a few more days to prepare etc.

13 Jan 2016 08:48:24
Just seen on green in app that the lad is right Davies deal has hit a stumbling block because of personal terms. Is this what owls are now faced with players try info be crafty knowing we have money trying to sponge more from us. Davies needs to wake up his club is in shambles he could play his part helping them. He would be free in summer and teams might not give him what he's wanting then. So wake up Davies he needs to stop been greedy and accept whatever wage is offered because I'm sure it won't be less than what Bolton are paying him.

13 Jan 2016 19:50:28
Totally agree and we don't want players with that kind of attitude.

{Ed003's Note - I believe it is more to do with reaching a compromise on his contract termination at the Bolton end.}

13 Jan 2016 20:33:35
Hahaha, fair play Ed.
Feel guilty now for lambasting the guy, but I blame Lomas for that. (Jesting pal)
Any positive signings or progression for the Pool?

{Ed003's Note - Nothing yet LMN might be a while :-( thanks for asking though.}

13 Jan 2016 21:55:40
Ed, I have travelled the world a few times over and have always supported the Owls, despite the humiliation and insults from, for example, Norwegian Leeds Utd fans.
To me, anybody who supports their home team, which in my opinion is what it is all about, with a passion, is worth their weight in gold.

{Ed003's Note - Very nice words L.}

13 Jan 2016 22:45:24
You too bruv, your comments are well appreciated.

{Ed003's Note - Any fan of any club can email the FL and FA about issues they have regarding what they see as not fair/disgusting/awful ownership - just saying ;) }

13 Jan 2016 23:34:16
Ed, I would be happy to support, if need be.

{Ed003's Note - appreciate it - spread the word #oystonout }

14 Jan 2016 00:43:01
Just read up on Oysten, and your loyals do not deserve that, especially if you break down the history, and Oysten even insulting the mentally handicapped?
That's kind of deep man, as I never realised the recent history that you guys had.
Yet, respect to the supporters like you, that even travel away, generally for nothing but disappointment,
Pat yourselfs on the back Ed.

{Ed003's Note - shocking isn't it.}

14 Jan 2016 00:54:58
I have just hate mailed him.

{Ed003's Note - good man.}

14 Jan 2016 06:55:15
Oi I was only saying lol thanks for making me look a boob ED haha well I just don't want anyone picking on my club lol so anyone who wants to pick on us I'll tell them off and put them on naughty step haha.

{Ed003's Note - :-) }

14 Jan 2016 19:19:41
Good work Lomas.

09 Jan 2016 21:40:05
Hunt turning his loan into a perminant deal owls are understood to have agreed terms with palace. Great news UTO.

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10 Jan 2016 10:36:09
Hope this is true but would be even more impressed if we signed Pudil on a permanent basis. Best LB we've had for years.

10 Jan 2016 11:36:44
Well so far out of temporary signings bannan and hunt signing new ones. Soooo I'm sure whoever is staying will be tied down this month or by end of season we will know cause we showing our intent on who we want to keep already. I'll put my money on pudil being next confirmed.

11 Jan 2016 16:56:10
I hope so Lomas, Pudil would be worth signing on a permanent basis.
One benefit of tying these players down is that it creates more places for any other loan players we might want to take on and have a look at.

11 Jan 2016 17:53:22
Yep I agree mate at beginning of he season I was sceptical regarding loans I always thought if they do well they will be hard to sign my example at time was Neil mellor but after seeing Wednesday's money and intent I feel he loans have been a smart move on owls behalf. It makes a change to offer serious money. I didn't expect this at first but wow I was wrong. Finally good loanees can be snapped up woooo UTO.

07 Jan 2016 23:26:14
Wednesday reported to be in talks with Mark Davis, Bolton idfielder.
Fee of £700k mentioned.

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08 Jan 2016 09:18:46
Yup looks like a certain deal.

08 Jan 2016 17:05:21
Got a sneaky feeling could be two players from Bolton, that's why taking so long. maybe Clough as well. Would end judge interest though.

08 Jan 2016 20:09:48
Clough has been left out of Bolton's cup tie at Eastleigh after a 'surprise' club (unnamed) came in with a big offer on Friday afternoon. He will talk to the club over the week-end.

Birmingham no longer interested in Cough but Bristol City have been linked with him as well as ourselves.

08 Jan 2016 22:38:01
It's Bristol City who've tabled the bid.

09 Jan 2016 02:42:17
Hope we up the anti because he is logical acquisition.

09 Jan 2016 13:39:04
Bolton News reports bid of £3 million by Bristol City. They're desperate to pull away from the relegation zone hence, I think, this very considerable offer.

Just shows what a great piece of business it was to get Forestieri for the same money!

07 Jan 2016 10:07:33
Wednesday linked with Nemanja Nikolics, Legia Warsaw striker, who has scored 21 goals in 21 games for them this season. Obviously playing at a level lower than the Championship but must have something about him to be so prolific.

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07 Jan 2016 11:26:10
Shades of Sergiu Bus? When did he last get a look in?

07 Jan 2016 13:28:08
Sergiu Bus has had a long term injury as he should have gone out on loan.

08 Jan 2016 15:45:36
Bus could return tomorrow I see, quite ironic.
Thought Matias looked good early on this season and it's a good time to get him back fit.
I don't think we need to improve the squad and maybe just add to the numbers with equally good quality.

08 Jan 2016 15:45:36
Bus could return tomorrow I see, quite ironic.
Thought Matias looked good early on this season and it's a good time to get him back fit.
I don't think we need to improve the squad and maybe just add to the numbers with equally good quality.

06 Jan 2016 17:11:20
A couple of reports linking Wednesday with a move for Bolton forward, Zach Clough, a 20 year old who has scored three times in thirteen appearances this season.
Hardly prolific! Fee mentioned is around £750k.

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06 Jan 2016 19:39:16
Boltons whole team has only scored 19goals in 25 games?
He's got 3 from probably half a dozen or so chances!
Clough scored 6 in 10 games last season! that's prolific enough surely.
I would really love us to get him, but he'll go to a Prem club, probably Everton, Newcastle or Palace who see the real value and enjoy nurturing talented young players with loads of promise like young Zach.

07 Jan 2016 13:39:46
Happy New Year Howler.

Hope you had a dynamic Christmas.

Looks like we are busting a gut to make the play offs.

07 Jan 2016 21:13:02
Happy New year to you too South, and all our other posters and fans.
Dont do much that resembles "dynamism" these days I'm afraid - but we enjoyed it all the same thanks.
Like the greater majority of our fans I'm totally delighted with the way the season has gone so far.
Like the pros always say - we can only take it one game at a time - but I am as ever the very patient optimist!
All the best All!

06 Jan 2016 14:35:59
Wednesday linked with Newcastle centre back, Mike Williamson, who has been on loan at Wolves. He has done a really good job there and they want to keep him but his wages are a problem. The fee reported is around £250k.

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06 Jan 2016 15:49:25
Considering we wanting to put more strength to our spine that's a good addition. Would like to give Lachman a chance but never mind UTO.

06 Jan 2016 18:23:08
Can't understand this rumour thought sasso showed some class at Fulham.unless lees is going to Norwich for Hooper?

06 Jan 2016 18:41:29
Norwich just signed a defender so might not be interested in lees anymore.

06 Jan 2016 19:02:47
Hope so don't want to lose lees!

07 Jan 2016 20:02:38
What ever happened to Lachman? I thought he would be a great prospect.

07 Jan 2016 20:46:13
he supposedly looked useless in pre season I'm sure if he had qualities he'd have got a look in.

08 Jan 2016 01:49:11
Never heard that, but hey, fairy snuff.

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05 Jan 2016 09:19:35
Reading have accepted a bid for Nick Blackman. Wednesday hope to have the deal completed by end of the week.

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05 Jan 2016 09:36:17
Well Wikipedia seems to think he come to us lol but then we all know that's easily changed. He doesn't seem to be a prolific goal scorer we want seems another nuhiu to me unless again someone getting shown the door but who is lavery staying at Pompey or is nuhiu on his way out that's only 2 I can think of unless I was told wrong and hooper is staying at Norwich. Still is Blackman any good we will soon find out.

05 Jan 2016 09:38:16
Just seen he seems to be finding the net this season 11 in 23 so ok I take back my previous comment haha.

05 Jan 2016 21:57:57
He's signed for Derby.

06 Jan 2016 01:15:12
Hahaha, that's right funny.
Did not see how he would fit into our plans anyway.
The reason why I laughed was because he stated that he did not want to move to the north. Derby not exactly being south.
Plus he is an ex-Blade after all.

06 Jan 2016 10:30:24
I recon if if came to us he'd definitely Fire a blunt haha.

04 Jan 2016 21:56:57
Had a bid rejected for Alan judge not met brentfords valuation for him in sure next bid will meet it haha.

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05 Jan 2016 00:19:32
According to one report from Brentford supporting paper, Beespotted, our offer was seen as derisory being around £1 million whereas their valuation is a rather steep £6 million. It is reported that Wednesday were offering to triple his wages. Burnley are also thought to be interested in signing Judge.

05 Jan 2016 08:07:22
Why another midfielder though what's happening now lol unless we not warning Lopez perminant or someone on way out very strange to see a midfielder on our wish list.

05 Jan 2016 08:54:16
I agree Lomas. I wonder if this either pertains to Lopez, as you suggest, or whether it indicates McGugan is likely to move on.

05 Jan 2016 09:33:43
Thing is CC has said himself he pushed mcgugan to come but then not playing him we all know the quality he brings it would be a shame for him to leave I'd hate him playing against us too. I'd have him over Lopez hands down. Plus with him only signing this year I it would be tricky to sell so I'm starting to think have Wednesday now got more money than sense lol.

05 Jan 2016 23:52:01
im sure Alan Judge is a Goal Scoring Winger and Lopez is a holding Midfielder and we've only got 3 Wingers 4 if you include Helan.

06 Jan 2016 01:21:11
Would definitely take Judge, that would be a great signing.
Lopez and McGugan are both central, as is Bannan who has generally been playing out wide, now Foristieri is playing there, so I personally believe that we need a winger or 2.
Either way, what an admirable improvement this season.

06 Jan 2016 10:33:32
Oh right never new that I suppose your right but then again we've got sougou and Wallace seem to play on left with Helan and forestieri on left so unless he's gunna put forestieri back up front with judge filing spare left spot that would more than likely be it as long as mcgugan isn't shown door I don't care haha.

02 Jan 2016 18:39:12
Happy New year ed. just heard a little gem of a rumour magugan to Fulham McCormack to owls. don't know how it works with transfer embargo? heard anything yourself?

{Ed001's Note - so long as Fulham were not increasing the wages and not spending money, ie McGugan takes a lower wage and Wednesday are the ones that pay money towards the deal, it would be fine with the embargo.

I know Fulham are exploring options to bring in some cash, but nothing specific myself.}

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02 Jan 2016 22:53:05
I feel a bit sorry for McGugan really, because he has undeniable quality, but unfortunately for him, his break away from the team for the birth of his kid did not help him.
I don't blame the lad though, I would do the same.
Our manager has his best 2 teams now and unfortunately the lad simply does not fit into the equation.

04 Jan 2016 10:56:07
I could believe that McGugan would attract interest as he is well known to SG who would obviously recommend him. We only paid 300K and quite honestly I'd rather keep him for that.

The McCormack link a little more dubious as CC has indicated we are not looking to pay huge sums on players, which I take to mean £10 million or so, when discussing Rhodes. He also seems keen on keeping Hooper who is just starting to make an impact.

04 Jan 2016 13:57:55
I agree with both the above and I too would like to see mcgugan stay also if Norwich allow Hooper(they could recall him at a moment's notice) to stay then it's going to cost big money so I can see where this alternative scenario may have come from

29 Dec 2015 18:48:52
Steven Naismith to Norwich from Everton in £8 million deal in January. Does this mean Hooper is on his way out, to Wednesday?

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30 Dec 2015 10:47:18
Sounds like it mate been told by a friend that knows someone who works in accounts or whatever at Hillsborough and there's already been a 8mil coincidently agreed for hooper. Only reason he loaned to us is because we didn't sort budget out in time so that's why he here now already our player might as well go on loan for us and get some games than sit rotting on their bench making him worse for us. So yep I think according to been told that it's happening.

30 Dec 2015 17:08:37
I'd like to add I'd not pay that for him not worth 8mil from what I've seen so far hope it not true just going on what I been told. Just coincidental I was told it last week 8mil now this week they signing someone for 8mil.

30 Dec 2015 20:25:31
8 million for Hooper?
Not saying you have not heard that, but no way Pedro.

31 Dec 2015 08:09:13
I thought exact same matey not worth it if pay 2mil that's final offer haha I just thought I'd add the comment just thought it was coincidental 8mil here 8mil there if you get me. I hope not is rather pay Chelsea 8mil for Bamford.

31 Dec 2015 08:21:12
If we get Hooper which I think we will at this point, I think the fee will be closer to what we paid for Forestieri, so about £3M. I think a fee of £8M would wipe out most of our transfer budget for the window, and with the FL doing more and more checks on fair play rules regarding finances it would be best to stick within the budget. Plus as all you guys have already said, Hooper isn't really worth £8M, if he had scored 15 goals already then yes but he hasn't.

02 Jan 2016 16:04:57
Hooper worth about £2million but need to replace Mcgoogan looks like its going to be a short stay.

04 Jan 2016 06:46:46
I can't see us paying anywhere near that much I'm sure his contract is up at Norwich at the end of the season.

05 Jan 2016 08:59:22
I believe Norwich have the option of extending Hooper's contract by a further year.

24 Dec 2015 00:56:03
heard we want jermaine defoe as well.

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22 Dec 2015 11:59:48
Not posted for a while. But rumour has it (S*n newspaper) that we are trying to sign Adebayor previously at Spurs at on point. Anybody else heard any more.

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22 Dec 2015 17:40:27
Should say, 'at Spurs at one point'.
I'll try harder next time.

22 Dec 2015 21:05:12
Yes I've heard this too he's asking for around 50k a week free transfer. Do we need him though also heard 8mil already agreed for hooper done deal already that's why we loaned him cause he's already ours in the eyes of Norwich. Do we need them both got forestieri Lucas jaou nuhiu and hooper. Unless one is on there way out (nuhiu)

22 Dec 2015 21:23:13
Would definitely bring goals but possibly also unsettle a working equation.

23 Dec 2015 03:39:41
is 50k a week excessive for a 31yo, albeit a once top player?

23 Dec 2015 13:29:52
I would have thought that the wages would be so massively out of line with the rest of the squad as to rule the transfer out. Wouldn't want him anyway, his work ethic is terrible and we have a great set of centre forwards as it is, also how long is it since he played a first team game for anyone. I'm not sure we need anyone new coming in during the transfer window the squad we have at the moment is pretty good. We might get a couple of squad players to cover parts where we are a little weak but I see more players leaving rather than coming in.

25 Dec 2015 13:11:38
Trouble maker don't need him.

26 Nov 2015 14:49:41
Will Marsh, attacking midfield player, signed on loan from Liverpool.

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27 Nov 2015 20:25:22
Should be good hopefully but if we're loaning out of there academy get Allan young brazilan kid he's the next big thing coming through there ranks.

07 Dec 2015 15:44:58
Rumours of a new ground doing the rounds again. Even a workmate from Nottingham said he'd heard about it. Apparently 2 sites nearer to the town centre have been earmarked making access easier in the hope of attracting more fans.

08 Dec 2015 18:57:15
who on earth would spend 1 million on a new pitch and however many £ on the screen and surrounding area of pitch if they was gunna up and move somewhere else. I think this is someone trying to play tricks and wind us up. UTO.

08 Dec 2015 22:39:27
Maybe if we filled Hillsborough on a regular basis.

09 Dec 2015 07:45:46
Logical place is 96 acre site on Shepcote Lane - derelict and right at side of motorway plus plenty of room to park.

09 Dec 2015 13:22:03
That would be excellent for the residents of Tinsley and away fans.

09 Dec 2015 20:38:59
Well I'm only going by what I've been hearing. True or not that's what's being said. Someone even said it on talk sport last Friday and that it's rumored to be happening in about 3 or 4 years time.

15 Nov 2015 09:58:25
Everton being linked with a January move for Joao, whilst Wednesday lining up a bid for Rhodes according to reports.

All of which could be unsettling for our squad.

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15 Nov 2015 17:17:19
One big bonus of having Chansiri as owner is that we are under no pressure at all to sell any players if offers come in, we can keep the squad together and push for promotion next year. Having said that all players have a price and if that is met then you have to let them talk, although I bet that all our useful players like Lees and Joao will have rather large pricetags on them.

16 Nov 2015 09:41:50
Think there will be a few bids for lees in the nxt window, think they will all be turned down tho, unless it was a silly bid, don't think the Joao one has any truth behind it, I remember an apparent £7m bid for nuhiu was imminent according to some in media, don't think it ever happened, neither will this in my opinion.

05 Nov 2015 14:52:19
According to another website Norwich City are considering making a move in January for Tom Lees.

In the summer he was linked to Fulham but clearly his reputation is growing and it may be difficult to keep hold of him if we do not push for the play-offs this season.

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05 Nov 2015 21:54:45
Seen this too, looking at some of the comments from their fans it seems there linked with 10 plus players so hopefully won't even get a bid.

09 Nov 2015 14:06:52
Would be daft to leave the club at this stage.

11 Nov 2015 09:13:10
It would appear that Newcastle, Sunderland and Aston Villa are also looking at Lees, with a fee of £7 million being suggested. This is really going to test Wednesday's resolve, if true.

11 Nov 2015 13:39:02
I wonder if hooper may be involved in some sort of a swap deal hope not cause we don't need strikers no more and we need to keep hold of our best defender.

11 Nov 2015 21:17:56
£7M if true would really test the resolve of the club and also the player. If he wants to go then we can't do the usual board move of saying the bid isn't big enough. I imagine though that this is paper talk, linking all the relegation threatened teams with decent defenders as always happens in the run up to the winter transfer window.


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