09 Jun 2016 18:31:03
So what do we all think Enlgand will do in France?

1.) 10 Jun 2016
10 Jun 2016 19:17:30
First bus home I think.

I'm 34 and would say this is possibly the weakest back 4 I've seen for England, it's a big worry for me.

That and the obsession of fitting Rooney in.

Im hoping to be surprised, but when our best defender is Chris Smalling I'm worried.

2.) 11 Jun 2016
11 Jun 2016 01:40:36
Couldn't agree more, the defence is a circus, but hopefully, Dier will protect the space in front of them.
France pushed their opponents into corners and then passed their way out.
I predict that we will pass ourselves into corners and then repeatedly lay the ball off to Milner so he can aimlessly punt it into oblivion.
Fearing that, Roonaldo will get sent off for punching himself in the groin.

3.) 10 May 2017
15 Jun 2016 18:12:53
Don't understand the Rooney remark I thought he played really well, played some great threw balls, and was one of our best players. Say what you will but the lad does play with passion which I believe is not there in an England team the scotts and welsh seem to have more pride than we have but that's only my opinion.

4.) 10 May 2017
29 Jun 2016 09:28:43
Turns out it's the second bus then.

5.) 10 May 2017
04 Jul 2016 22:49:04
Wasn't far wrong.